Dottir restaurant was founded and is operated by Robert Fritzen, who has had business and personal ties to Iceland since 1991, when he assisted in the opening and running of the first Icelandic restaurant in Prague – Reykjavik in Karlova Street. Since then he has helped its Icelandic owners to develop businesses in the Czech Republic across various sectors for almost 25 years.

The Reykjavik restaurant was sold in 2011 and since then Robert has been captivated with the idea of opening a restaurant of his own. His aim is to offer a different type of foreign cuisine to those that people in Prague are accustomed to, with meals made from fresh, top-quality ingredients.

As Robert himself says: “everything here comes from the heart.” And that’s why, since April 2018, you have been able to taste right here in Vinohrady the traditional Scandinavian dishes and drinks that Robert learnt from his Icelandic friends. Such are the origins of our refreshing cinnamon water, homemade recipes and our specialty: the creamy Icelandic fish soup.



We are particularly careful when choosing our suppliers. It is vital for us to work only with fresh ingredients that come from from suppliers whom we can trust.

Icelandic Fish
This young company supplies fish for us directly from the Icelandic seas. Their philosophy is quality, freshness and an environmentally friendly approach, while also respecting local tradition.Find out more…

Dolní Oldříš Farm
Our meat is supplied from this farm in the northern tip of the Czech Republic. They specialise in breeding cattle, sheep, horses and poultry in an ecological farming system.
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Farmer’s market at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square
We buy fresh vegetables for you just a few steps from our restaurant or at Holešovice Market Hall.
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Praktika bakery
The Praktika bakery immediately caught our attention not only thanks to the selection of their amazing products, but we were also really pleased that they agreed to bake a special custom bread for our smørrebrød.
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Candycane Coffee
Our friends at Candycane Coffee regularly provide us with the finest coffee. Check our current offer on our social media accounts.
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Along with fish and a chat with friends, one can never have too much wine. Since there are no vineyards in Iceland yet, we are pleased to offer a selection of wines from Czech and Italian cellars. You can find our wine offers on the drinks menu and our staff will be happy to assist you.